Intro to Speed Shooting ...

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This class will focus on the following elements:

  • Shooting Reactive Targets
  • Sight Tracking
  • Trigger Control
  • Recoil Control
  • Shooting Out Of The Notch
  • Target Acquisition
  • Target Transition

Prerequisites: It is advised that students have completed one of the following courses:

  • CCW
  • Basic Pistol
  • Private Lesson

Requirements to take class

  • Handgun (Semi Auto recommended for this class)
  • At least 2 Magazines
  • Holster or Gun Case
  • 300-350 rounds of ammunition

The instructor uses the outdoor pistol range at the Top Gun Sportsman's Club, located in Lonedell, MO. The class starts at 9:00am and ends at 2:00pm with lunch scheduled about half way thru the class.

Intro to Speed Shooting
Class Fees: $150.00
Instructor: David Price
Chief Training Officer: Top Gun Shooting Sports
NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Refuse to Be a Victim
Concealed Carry Instructor (Missouri, Florida)
USPSA Competitor (United States Practical Shooting Association)

Phone: 636-464-4867
Currently Scheduled Classes:

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