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Bowling Pin Shoot

The Top Gun Shooting Sports Bowling Pin Match is one of our most popular members-only events. This recreational shooting competition requires quick and accurate shooting. The object is for the competitor to shoot 5 bowling pins off of a board at 25 feet. The top 16 shooters then enter a head-to-head shoot-off to determine the overall winner. Come join us! Non-members are welcome to watch and learn.

  • 7 p.m. Qualifications
  • 8 p.m. Finals begin
  • Second Thursday of each month
  • Entry fee: $10
  • Learn more: rtyler@topgunss.com
top gun shooting sports pin match

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of firearm do I need for the Bowling Pin Match?

Any pistol can be used for the bowling pin match. There are no special classes for .22 handguns or revolvers. Scopes, optics, lasers, compensators, and ported firearms are allowed in this competition.

What equipment will I need?

A holster / carrying case, ear protection, and eye protection are required.

How many rounds will I shoot per match?

Shooters will shoot between 25 and 75 rounds per match.

How many shooters do you have for each match?

On average, there will be between 15 to 25 members shooting per match.

Can non-members shoot in the matches?

The bowling pin matches are reserved for Top Gun Members, however, we do invite anyone who is interested in the matches to stop by and observe.