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Top Gun Shooting Sports offers the very best brand names in firearms, ammunition and accessories.

Find the right firearm

top gun shooting sports retail store

Top Gun Shooting Sports carries a wide selection of new and used firearms in every platform. We also buy guns and work with trade-ins from customers. Our stock includes several hundred firearms from the top major brand name manufacturers, in the most popular (and some hard-to-find) models.

You have unique needs and goals in mind, and our experienced staff of professionals will help you assess which gun is right for you based on application, gun fit, and personal preferences. We always suggest a customer rent a gun and try it out on the range in live fire before making a purchase, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on every gun we sell.

Quality ammunition

top gun shooting sports retail store

Our customers know they can always find ammunition at a reasonable price in stock at Top Gun. 

Accessories and Gear

top gun shooting sports retail store

Whatever platform you’re shooting, Top Gun has the accessories you need:
> Paper targets
> Eye and ear protection
> Range bags
> Gun cases
> Holsters
 > Speed loaders
> Conversion kits
> Night sights
> Laser sights
> Optics
> Cleaning supplies
> Gunsmithing tools
> Gun safes (vehicle and home)

Online Orders

Prefer to order online? Visit our catalog to view and purchase full our full assortment of firearms and accessories.


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If you are interested in other means of keeping yourself safe, Top Gun also offers other personal protection equipment such as flashlights and pepper spray. Not sure what you need? Ask any of our staff members for a recommendation, and sign up for training with our NRA-certified instructor to learn even more.