Happy Hour 1/2 OFF range fees

Every weekday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. is 1/2 off lane fees at Top Gun Shooting Sports! We offer half-price lane rental and free gun rental. Schedule your next afternoon out at Top Gun!

New business hours

Top Gun Shooting Sports has made the decision to update our hours of operation. We believe this change will positively impact our members and staff.

top gun shooting sports private training

Schedule your customized firearms training lesson

NRA-Certified Instructor David Price is available during the week for private shooting lessons. Schedule your training sessions for just $45.00 per hour. Additional fees such as firearm rental, ammunition, and range time will be billed at normal rates. If you are new to shooting and looking for firearms training, looking to take your shooting and accuracy to the next level, or are interested in shooting competitively, David can custom-tailor a training session to meet your needs. Call 636.464.4867 or e-mail david@topgunss.com.

Membership benefits update

It is of the upmost importance for our members to feel valued. With that being said, we're implementing some additional perks to our membership program.

Current Gold/Heroes members will enjoy:
5 free guest passes per year ($75 value)
Discounted private range rentals
Access to our exclusive member's lounge *coming in November 2022*
$15 transfer fees through 2Alpha Armory
Current Range Access members will enjoy:
2 free guest passes per year ($30 value)
Discounted private range rentals
$15 transfer fees through 2Alpha Armory
New Gold/Heroes members will now also receive a welcome gift that will include a Top Gun t-shirt.