Intermediate Pistol
$75.00 person

April 24, 20246 p.m. - 10 p.m.1 Night
$75.00 person

Have you attended a Beginner Class or learned to shoot from a friend or relative? Do you feel you can shoot better? Are you carrying a handgun or thinking about taking a Defensive Handgun Course? This class is for you. This class will ensure your safety skills and your fundamental shooting skills are up to par.  This intermediate pistol training class will have you shooting safely with more confidence and better results. It will also prepare you to attend our Defensive Handgun Course.

At the end of the class, a discussion of Belt/Holster options for those planning on attending our Defensive Handgun Courses.

This class is 3 to 4 hours in length. Approximately one-third will be academic the rest will be a practical application of the topics covered.

At the discretion of the instructors, students who are unable to handle their firearm safely will be dismissed from class for their protection and the safety of the other students.

What to bring

  • Pistol (Rentals available and require ammunition purchase at Top Gun.)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and hearing protection


  • Refining Safety Skills
  • Refining Shooting Fundamentals
  • Basic Reloading Technique
  • Failure to Fire Technique
  • Malfunction Clearance Techniques
  • Shooting with Both Eyes Open (Academic Only)


To attend this class you should be able to load and shoot safely. If not, please attend Top Gun’s Beginner Handgun class to build those skills.

Instructor: David Price, Pistol Instructor


  • Rifle Instructor
  • Taser Instructor
  • Defensive Spray Instructor
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor
  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Defensive Handgun Instructor

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